Haltytek is a family owned business that originated in Southwest Florida. What is a Haltytek? We came up with the name by combining our family's names. Hailey, Alicia and Tyler (David is just the tek ) It helps us remember what we are working so hard for everyday, and something that we take pride in.

Our founder, David, has been in the IT industry for over 20 years with experience in a vast array of different information technologies. From setting up AD domains, web servers, mail servers and dns servers to hardening workstations and servers to DoD (Department of Defense) specifications. He's learned how to keep the backend safe, secure and fault tolerant. Now he wants to give it a pretty face too.

Our co-founder, Alicia, has been working in the customer service industry most of her career, with her primary focus being customer satisfaction, billing and accounting practices. She will make sure that you, as our customer, will be treated with friendly, professional courtesy that you should expect from every business dealing.

None of our services are outsourced, so every website, web design, graphic design, logo design, overhaul, optimization or seo boost, you can be guarenteed that it will be one of us that you are talking with. Be it through Microsoft Teams, email, phone or snail mail, it's going to be H"al"ty"tek"

Give us a chance to help your business succeed.

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